G4 Investment Club finances real estate/development project in Bratislava:

A/ plots of land for private houses around Bratislava

  • location: environs of Bratislava up to a distance of about 30 km
  • size: at least 3 hectares with no upper limit (in case of larger plots of land, payments are spread over time)
  • status: at least a zoning permit issued, or planning documentation available or building permit for the construction of infrastructure networks
  • we do not buy plots of land for private houses to be built by individuals

B/ land for a small apartment block in Bratislava

  • location: Bratislava only
  • size: maximum area of 5,000 square meters
  • status: at least a zoning permit available, or ideally a building permit available or a project under construction

Preferred form of cooperation: provision of financing to complete the project in the form of a joint venture, with the partner providing the land and the project proper, and G4 providing the financing to the joint venture.