I will be very clear and brief. We will give you money, if:

  • You have a clear idea of your product and service and, ideally, the thing already exists. If you want the money just for a patent or invention, we don't do that. We prefer investing into projects which were born by people doing or experiencing something, who had the idea of how things could be improved over projects, which were invented from paper.
  • Your business will grow beyond the borders of Slovakia. Otherwise, we do not care.
  • You must have thorough knowledge of your competitors and if you say there are no competitors of yours; do not bother to write us. We will demand an overview of similar things in the world and your absolute knowledge and ability to prove that you are different and better. There is no need to be totally innovative or unique. Google was not the first search engine in the world either.
  • You must prove that you can do it. By yourself or with the people around you, whom you know and with whom you already worked together, or we can hire a company to do that. People, who already achieved something in any area, have better chances to convince us. Try to put this into a presentation.
  • If you have everything what was described above, send us an e-mail. We do not care about the segment, from which your start-up is, and we do not concentrate just on technology.