We offer transaction services of buying or selling businesses based upon the individual needs of companies or potential investors. Our services include coordination of the transaction process, creation of promotional materials about the individual businesses, due diligence, support from negotiation process to drawing a contract prior to entering into the transaction.

The standard process of buying/selling a business consists of four phases:

  • Identification of potential buyers and their interest in buying a business
    • List of potential buyers
    • Brief promotional material presenting the business
  • Providing comprehensive info about the business to potential buyers prior to submitting an indicative offer
    • Comprehensive information pack about the business
    • Evaluation/preparation of an indicative offer
  • Due diligence for the introduction of a binding offer
    • Legal audit
    • Tax audit
    • Financial audit
    • Evaluation/preparation of a binding offer
  • Negotiation of contract terms and conditions and execution of the transaction
    • Contract documentation and comments
    • Conclusion of the transaction and signing of contracts